The RoboCup German Open 2022 have been conducted in a distributed manner to allow major leagues to conduct local events and compete despite the pandemic. Find an overview on the conducted events here.

After an exciting setup time the teams were ready for either presence or remote participation during May 2. - May 6. 2022.

We greatly want to thank everyone involved for the great time, the organizational help and a beautiful display of the pleasures of science/engineering all around! Without all of you this event would not have been possible. Thank you!

We specially thank the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University and the Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cogntive Robotics Institute for sponsoring the whole event by providing the required space along with the machines required for a full-scale RoboCup Logistics League experience. We also thank Festo Didactic for the preparation of the machines and the on-site maintenance of the field.


Ranking of the Challenge and Main Track

Main Track

Ranking Teams Total Points Games won
1 GRIPS 105 2
2 Carologistics 25 1

Challenge Track

Ranking Teams Total Points
1 Babytigers 23
2 Solidus 18

For a more in depth view of the different games played and their individual results you can have a look at the overview on the score.


Participating teams in GORE

Team Location Affiliation Mode
GRIPS Graz (Austria) TU Graz presence
Solidus Biel (Switzerland) HFTM Biel presence
Carologistics Aachen (Germany) RWTH Aachen / FH Aachen presence
BabyTigers Kyōto (Japan) Ryukoku University remote


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